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Australian Business Coah of the Year 2021 Nominee


"Working with Humphry has provided me with the tools necessary in order to continuously meet my goals. Through his guidance, wisdom, techniques and his practical approach to problem solving, it has enabled me to fulfill my potential in both personal and professional aspects. I am glad that I took the opportunity to work with him." 
- Ben V-A.

" Humphry is a person who could help me to achieve my dreams. He is a real coach that is always there for me. Also he has taught me through analogies and examples, the importance of pursuing our goals and to not be afraid of life's challenges." 
- Vannessa P.

"If you are suffering from an addiction, feeling lost, or have some personal issues in your life, Humphry can help you and give you some direction." 
 - Craig F.

"Humphry helped me develop my skills when I was younger, and would take myself and his son out on the pitch most weeks, which really played a massive part in my love for the game and the skill sets I've acquired."
- Shelford D. (Football Player)

" Humphry is a sweet person who knows what matters."
- Sonia S.

"Humphry has been a 'guiding force" in my life. He has been able to help take many negative situations and turn them into positive impacts in my life. In times of doubt, his words, " Listen to your heart and your mind, and make sure they agree," resonates constantly - especially when I am at crossroads. Through my journey so far, Humphry has helped me become assertive, build my confidence and believe in my abilities. Through the years, Humphry has become a life-long friend whom I am very grateful for."
- Aloka C.